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Our goal is to bring you everything that we love about music and why we listen to it. To us, music is a art, and it is a passion that needs to be understood better. It brings so much to the table, and not just as entertainment, but as a way of life.

Today, music has changed and sometimes (not always) it isn't what it use to be. I think music, and Hip-Hop specifically has changed to amount to nothing more then radio friendly, and club songs.

While there isn't anything wrong with that, I think Hip Hop and music in general has so much more to offer.

That's why, L, and I guess you can just call me Rich, are trying to bring you the best that music has.

We're not just talking Hip Hop, but any genre of music. Music is music, and if we like it, we're gonna post it.

We hope you appreciate what we do, and like what were doing.

If there is ever anything we can do to make this blog better, let us know. -

Rich & L.

50 Cent
  • 5 December 2012
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